November 2, 2008

i don’t think anyone’s reading this blog anymore. I hope, at least? i just need another blog to rant. my blgspt is just a lil too public. i really hope no one reads here. I don’t know why but aren’t blogs supposed to be online journals? Journals where you let your thoughts and personal stuff out and no one reads or know any of it?

Why are people allowed to read blogs anyway? It has caused many controversies, am i right.

So, hi.

Life has not been normal. In fact, its crazy alright. I’ve been kept so so tied up with school and other things that I cant get away from. day by day, I get weaker and right now,I’ m down with flu after 3 long weeks of doing all that. I need a break.say, for a week at least?

and I wana touch on another issue I have not get to talk about at the other blog. We’ve broken up for almost 5 months now. but my feelings for her are still there, same goes for her too. but what if she still won’t change? last night was a good example why I should put an end to whatever this relationship is and run away while I still can. but I just can’t bring myself to do that.

Someone help me.



May 29, 2008

yes people, the time of the year has arrive, its the Great Singapore Sale once again! I bet the prices for cool and nice outfits are being slashed so low. Mann, i definitely wana shop. I want to fill up my wardrobe. Its so boring wearing the same clothes to school every week. I want a new pair of shoes! But sadly enough, I’m broke!! cos, unlike some of you guys, I have to earn my own money to shop, that means I have to work.

Damn. Life was so easy when I was working during the O levels vacation. I worked as a sales coordinator at Topman. I had to attend to customers, clearing any doubts, giving them opinions and recommending them to buy  the things. It was seriously fun having the license to “pyscho” customers to buy clothes and more clothes! haha! The environment there was just nice. They played British rock music and i lovvee British rock songs. The people who worked around me were fun too. The part-timers, like me, were also O level students. I can still recall, a day before the O level results were released, all of us couldn’t concentrate to do our work. Everyone was so worried and you know what we did? We went into the fitting rooms, sat on the floor and either stone ourselves or headbanged to the music. hahaha! AND no one was attending to customers outside. Ok, writing this really makes me miss everyone.

after the O level results period, one by one resigned from the job as some had already started JC. It got really boring afyerwards. Then the was ‘future’ poly students resigned too and I followed suit, cos school was starting real soon and I didnt think i would have the time to work. 

Now, I regret the decision! I need money to shop! and support myself. The money I earned at Topman was gooood man. With that kind of money I can just go shop every now and then. But no,  I am broke, so yeah. My manager said I could call him if I needed the job again. I’m so gona try that after the June break. I can’t work now thanks to CI course.

Looks like i will give the GSS another miss. Till next year then. 😦


baracuda batucada!

May 22, 2008

last night, the final cut for baracuda was made. As some of you guys know, I joined this cca during the orientation and I was one of the lucky 25 that got through the auditions out of 150? For 3 weeks, we learned 3 songs, played it together and having fun while doing that. The songs are pretty catchy and moving around while playing is really fun if everyone does it. I play the bass by the way. I find myself bonded enough with the other ‘guppies’ (thats what the seniors call us, cos baracuda is a shark) so it was very shocking to hear from the baracuda that there will be a final cut for yesterday’s practice.

haha. Thank god i wasnt one of them! it was damn scary man. Seriously, we were so nervous cos it just feels wrong knowing everyone there already but having to leave just like that.i Wont tell you who got cut out or their names. They are good, seriously good at playing their instruments. Maybe they just had some issues. 

Oh well, term break is getting closer. I so want to come later. I’m not ready for the camp yet!! Imagine this. 2 weeks of term break. 5 days 4 nights at HTA (Home Team Academy) then 2 days of rest and then, another 5 days 4nights at Pulau Ubin Campsite. Jia lat man. -________-


May 14, 2008

I’m seriously exhausted, although I don’t behave like I am in school. No, not due to poly life, maybe just because I’m attending NPCC Cadet Inspector course every Saturdays, and yes, that’s why i am/was botak-ed. Okay, lets talk about that.

The training is quite hectic, having to attend lectures on lesson-planning, drills, History of NPCC, etc. We also have to do drills, campcraft, orienteering sessions to make sure we are ultra sure what we’re going to teach the kids in our respective units back in secondary schools. I say its hectic cos the overall mood for the entire course (which stretches all the way till mid-june) is strict. Strictly strict. Although the rule in NPCC now is not to give physical punishment, they give it the other way round, mentally. They shout at you, scolding for the slightest mistake which of course if you do something wrong. You basically just have to be strong inside. Okay, maybe not strong, just take it properly, cos after all I bet NS is way worser. The every saturday trainings is from 8am-6pm and i live in tampines. I have to wake up at 4am just to get ready cos the journey to HTA  ( Home Team Academy ) takes exactly 2 hours. By the time it finishes, i would be so tired and i only get to have proper rest on the whole of Sunday. 

I bet you guys are wondering why the heck faz even wana go to this kind of thing cos after all NPCC is so a secondary school thing. Well, not to me. You see, I was the highest ranking cadet back then, i received numerous awards both school and national level. I too thought all that would’nt help me one bit for my future. I was so wrong. I kind of screwed my ‘O’s, all thanks to mathematics and science and i swear i thought there was no chance of me going to a poly. Then, I applied for the JPSAE admission in which i got through successfully all thanks to not just because of my background in art but also NPCC. I had an A1 for CCA and the awards i received impressed the interviewers i guess. You have no idea how thankful i am. So, me going back to NPCC is just the thing for me to do to repay them back. Although its hectic and everything, I think its just the right thing. After all, that would mean I can go back to my secondary school and teach the kids and! i would be wearing the No. 1 uniform for the graduation ceremony of the CI course! i have been wanting to wear this for ages!

For those who don’t know what that is, it looks like this.


haha.these are my seniors by the way.


I’m worried if we are gona have projects anytime soon cos for the 2 weeks school break I’m gona be away from civilisation. I have camps from the CI course to attend to for both weeks. So if we do have projects, i would be screwed.

ok, i wana eat now.

take care people.

i realise i have this thing of weird things happening to me after baracuda practice. Last week, as u guys should know, a girl fainted on me, last night something else happened but not another hot girl unfortunately. I went back to tampines with a friend of mine, farhan. After alighting from the MRT, we talked for a bit at a nearby building with a lot of bicycles being parked there. I placed my laptop in one of the bicycle’s small basket as i was too lazy to carry it while chatting with farhan. After 2-3 minutes or so, we made our move to the bus interchange to queue up for our respective buses. 

I was already on the bus home when i realised i had left my laptop on the basket! Luckily enough, the bus had only moved out from the interchange so I alighted at the next stop to make a super duper dash to that building earlier on. I didnt remember when was the last time i ran that fast. And there it was, sresting in that basket of an old bicycle. I hugged it right after that, make sure its safe and sound in my arms.

Geez, i sound like i was hugging some girl.

So, that was it. Another weird story from my daily life.

yeah, this did happen.

April 29, 2008

last night, the craziest of things happened to me. I was on the MRT going back to tampines ( yes, i live in tamp and NP is in where again?). Baracuda practice left me all exhausted and the only thing i wanted to have was just a nice nap on the train. So yeah, I napped at the way from clementi to bugis. By then, the train was already full and there was this girl standing right in front of me. In my mind, for a split second, I was like, ooooh, hot chick.hahaha. What the hell faz? Then i thought that napping was the best “chick” at that moment so I ended up napping again. It was a nice nappy-quikie where my dream was almost beginning to form up until “something” or rather, someone fell on me. THAT girl, that hot chick fell on me! She didn’t seem herself thanks to her somehow shaking while eyes closed and with only both my hands supporting her to prevent her from really falling on me. I was literally so shocked. I mean, who wouldn’t? Especially when you were just getting into a nice deserved dream and something just had to fall on you? Honestly, I kind of freaked out, after she collapsed on the floor that is. I was so bloody clueless. I wanted to check her pulse and everything as I do know how to perform CPR, rusty CPR actually. Commuters around obviously saw what happened. And you know what? None of them came over to help. yes, NONE. I was like frantically asking for someone to either press that red round emergency button or dial 995 to get help for a girl who just fainted! and again, NONE responded or whatsoever. I was so fucking pissed/worried/clueless. Everyone was just staring at me and that girl with the oh-that-girl-just-fell-on-him-and-fainted-on-the-floor-and-i-swear-i-didn’t-hear-him-ask-for-help look! 

Thank god, the girl came around and me and another uncle helped her up on the seat. The uncle offered and applied medicated oil on her forehead while i offered her some water. Amongst the commuters on board, 2 kind Caucasian ladies came up to us offering help, a bottle of water and sweets. We asked if she needed us to call her an ambulance but she just refused saying she was just tired. She then alighted at Simei after thanking us for so many times.

You know, for that 10 minute incident last night, I wish I was not a Singaporean. I mean its just so shameful no one actually offered help except for the uncle and of course, the 2 caucasian ladies. After all that “Singapore Kindness Campaign” thing and all, Singaporeans have not really benefitted anything. Well maybe to a certain extend i guess. There are nice people out there, they were just not on the same train as me at that time. Ok, whatever faz. take care guys.

finally, a post from me. I didn’t have a clue on what to post about for the past week. okay, maybe that sounds like crap cos there are like a zillion things I can talk about. anyway, I’m going to talk about this particular fascination of mine, Liverpool Football Club. or rather, the passion of the club’s fans. This morning, like a true die-hard fan, I stayed up  to watched their match against Chelsea. It ended 1-1 despite Liverpool ontrolling the possesion and everything for the full 90minutes. They were winning 1-0 until, the the very death, their left-back, John Arne Riise, fumbled the ball towards their own net. Yes, it was an own goal.

a deep thrust of a sharp knife to the heart for each and every palyer and fan of Liverpool, i would say. 

Anyway, what amazes me all the time is like i mentioned earlier on, the passion of the fans. Despite that freak incident, the fans kept singing the Liverpool FC theme song , “You’ll never walk alone”. Check this out.


cool huh? That’s “You’ll never walk alone” being sung before a competitive match.

everyone singing as one. 

thats what i love so much about liverpool fc. Win or lose, that song will always be sung to lift the players’ spirits and to fellow fans too.

The key words in the lyrics to me are,

walk on, walk on

wih hopes in your heart,

and you’ll never walk alone”

My point in this post is, its never about winning, but doing your best at it and never giving up.

that’s all over the song.

Liverpool may not be the best team in England now, but their fans definitely are.

Hello world!

April 17, 2008

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